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  Leo, 4 years old Male Poodle / Shih Tzu  Mix

Hi, My name is Leo. I'm a 4 year old male Poodle / Shih Tzu mix and I weigh 14 lbs. I'm very healthy, but I have some emotional needs as I missed some important socialization in my early life. If you have never trained a dog like me with reward-based training, then stop right there -- I'm not the dog for you. My person needs to be able to read my body language. I've been labeled fear-biter by some. Here's my story, the short version: My first owner died and I didn't get out much and was not handled much so when the relative took me in, I would not let her or her family pick me up. The few times I was groomed I had to be sedated because I bit the groomer. They think it's because I wasn't groomed that often and not handled that often. Also, I wasn't neutered. So Save A Dog took me in and gave me time to settle in at the director's kennel. Now I'm groomed and neutered and so happy. I run like the wind and prance up and down the hallway. I play with my toys and I love my treats. I really want a chance at life, but I need a special adopter who is dog-behavior-experienced to work with me, one who knows not to reach a hand towards me if I'm not ready. Because of my quirks, I need to start out with a fenced in yard with easy access to the outside. In time I will let you handle me and I'm very treat-motivated so will be easy to train.