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  • Vaccination Schedules not based on Research

    This dog vaccination guide was written and conducted by extensive research that has been validated by veterinarians.

    The untold story of vaccination schedules, science and speculation
    Last month, some veterinarian responded to a post on our website called “5 things vets say about vaccines that aren’t true.” I was pretty happy that a couple of those vets engaged me in conversation and we had a nice, respectful dialogue. They gave me their side of the story and I shared mine. I’d like to say that it ended with both of us gaining a better understanding of each other, but I’m afraid I’m still as puzzled today as I was then.
    I’ll preface the following by clearly stating that I’m not a vet. I didn’t attend veterinary college and it’s certainly not a profession I aspire to. I’ve got six years of university and two degrees under my belt, so I know the kind of debt that vets enter into when they graduate. I also know that the vast majority of them make very little money for the amount of education that goes into their career.
    But I’m a dog lover and I do like to think that I’m a fairly intelligent and rational person. I don’t want to see dogs get hurt and vets certainly don’t want to see them get hurt. I truly believe that. I like to believe that vets are intelligent and rational also. But the excerpts from various veterinary websites that you’ll see in various places below have me baffled. I would say you can check here about some tips for finding a better sutherland shire vet.

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  • Vaccinate or Not?

    How to Survive Your Dog’s Vet Visit without Having your Dog “Over-serviced”

    This article will help you to save money at your dog’s next vet visit while keeping your dog healthy. Many of our adopters and volunteers have told us that this is invaluable information so we are making this available to the public as well, that’t we want you to know how do i stop my dog from barking at night.  This article contains a good deal of information and it is not our intention to overwhelm but to give you good resources when you need it. It is a good idea to review this this prior to your pet’s wellness visit with veterinary services. If you are adopting a dog from Save A Dog, it will help the adoption process to go faster as it will give you a good foundation as to our holistic protocol. At the humane society we talk to people every day who have lost a dog to cancer or some other disease that might have been prevented if only they had some truthful education as to some harmful ingredients that are contained in vaccines and commercial pet food. If you’re looking to purchase a home protection dog, check here at Spectrum Canine.

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